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Healing in Paradise

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Maui’s scenery is incomparable. The power of the combined elements—the water, the wind, and the land—come together to form an awe-inspiring, surreal experience of total unity. This connection we feel when surrounded by Hawaii’s nature, that energy and power, is called Mana. Mana, in Hawaiian belief, is the source of all power that exists in all the universe; all parts of nature, from humankind down to the tiniest plant and stone, has a spirit that can be connected to, and this spirit is our Mana.

When done properly, one’s Mana, and the Mana of another object, can even be harnessed and applied for all sorts of benefits. Since ancient times, civilizations have learned to utilize the Mana of crystals and gemstones to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages throughout the body. Since Western medicine, such practices started to lose credibility, but now there is the growing realization that its possible for both traditional and Western practitioners to work together to improve well-being. In Hawaii, traditional healers are already a trusted source of health information, and still use stones to this day for healing treatments. Lava rocks are a big part of Hawaiian culture, and are used not only in lomi-lomi massage, but also for healing practices. The rocks can be heated and wrapped in ti leaves, then either placed on the body for sore spot treatment, tapped together to create vibrations, or used for exfoliation.

On Maui’s West side in the lava pools, are the unique green sparkling stones also used in Hawaiian energy work, known as Olivine crystals. These glittering green beauties are embedded into the porous lava rock of the pools, and also coat the surface of Big Island’s Green Sand Beach. These tiny gems are known as the happy tears of the fire goddess Pele, and people like to bathe in the infused ocean water with these exotic lava gems for their health and wellness properties.

To take it up a notch, there’s the incredible story of an ancient Lemurian civilization, believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean millennia past, and the volcanoes of Hawaii and other Polynesian Islands are really the tips of the ancient Lemurian Mountains, which are filled with the energy of the Lemurian seed crystals, aka quartz. Any way you look at it, the Hawaiian Islands are brimming with natural energy.

In stores all over Maui, you can find an incredible array of chakra balancing pendulums, heart-stones, stone massage tools, crystal infusions, along with tumbled, cut and polished crystals. Things like crystals, gold, and precious stones are no longer used just for jewelry. Hawaiian Spas are incorporating 24-karat gold, crushed pearls, rocks, and semi-precious stones into their treatments, utilizing the Mana and restorative energy properties of each. You can find a facial using diamonds and crushed pearls, massages with semi-precious gemstones, essential oils infused with local olivine stones, or a quartz crystal chakra balancing bodywork.

Maui is a wonderful treasure chest filled with sparkling, healing stones full of Mana, and the real fun is to going out to find them.


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