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Welcome to Hi-Spa’s Education Page!

This page is where you’ll find go-to resources and nuggets of invaluable information primarily managed by Hawaii Spa Association.

Scroll below to take a look at recent tidbits of information, our Reasons For Partnership Vendor Series, and our Navigating Together Series.

Insider Resources

Here is where you’ll find a home for resources and information curated by the Hi-Spa Board Members for your maximum benefit and convenience.

Hi-Spa Exclusive Content

This content has been created by the various members of the Hawaii Spa Association and can be found nowhere else. Enjoy multiple virtual summits held by our Board Members interviewing some of the most influential people in the industry.

Hi-Spa’s Braintrust:
Connect & Collaborate Series

Whether you need guidance on putting your plans together or the added expertise to implement them, Hi-Spa’s next educational series leverages the Hi-Spa Board’s collective industry experience through personalized sessions to help you achieve your goals. Click the link below to learn more.

Hi-Spa’s Hi-Five Vendor Series:
Five Reasons for Partnership

Welcome to our Hi-Five Vendor Series! This was a live interview series of six videos held via Zoom call to provide engaging, informative, and concise weekly presentations designed to help spa operators understand vendor philosophies.

Hi-Five Vendor Series Videos:

Jay Muller, Technogym
Board Q&A
Comfort Zone
Hi-Spa’s Navigating Together Series,
Post Pandemic – Hi-FIVE Top Questions

Hi-Five Interviews:

Board of Directors
Dr. Jacowitz, D.O.
Chad May

Hotel Executive article on
“The New Normal”


Hi-Spa’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Spa & Wellness Facilites
Click here to download the PDF “Hi-Spa’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Spa & Wellness Facilities”

Please help our Maui friends!

Hundreds of residents have been affected by the fires on Maui, including some of our own members and friends. You can help – please donate any amount to our GoFundMe campaign. Your contribution will be much appreciated. Aloha!