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Hawaii Spa Highlights: Top 10 Spas from 2018 (by Insider’s Guide to Spas)

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At Hi-Spa, our goal has always been to unite all the Health & Wellness facilities and businesses in the state of Hawaii under one roof of friendly competition and local support. To build each other up, we need to stand together first and foremost, and slowly but surely we are making our way to that goal.

That’s why when Insider’s Guide To Spa’s came out, it was a beautiful piece to read for us at Hi-Spa. It was exciting to see specifics and favorites based on author’s choice, and it was absolutely wonderful to see our Hawaii spas mentioned together in the same article that outlined how each was beneficial and wonderful in their own way.

If you’re curious and want to see which of Hawaii’s wonderful spas were mentioned, go ahead and give the article a read! It’s all about the little victories, and for Hi-Spa, this article was one of them.

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